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Poľnohospodárstvo a rozvoj vidieka Diskusia na poľnohospodárske témy - všeobecne, rozvoj vidieka, legislatíva, poradenstvo...

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Hello, please advise ..
In 1996, at my father's initiative, I bought a field and a forest in a share of 1/6 after his deceded sister from her husband / no children / to stay in our family. It's my grandmother and my preordained and LV there were no barriers and limitations .PU appreciated the fields and the forest we valued the forensic valuer. I participated in the forest surveys. In 1996, when I bought it, a PS was created, which took the afforested forests from the statue. They started to send us dividends. that's why I asked PS in 2014 that I want to take care of the forest as a private owner of a forest according to the law (with its forest owner /. Responsible, it is not possible, it is indelible-komposesorát.Zostal jsem překvapen vedom predradou in PKV from 1919, the purchase of a non-documentary cluster.This passed the title of the inheritance with remarks that it is put into exclusive ownership.Then we have found that the catastrophe on the initiative of PS us in 2011 wrote to the two parc.les and the bow: INSERT REALITY under art and Act No. 97/1313 Zz without our knowledge and based on the registration in PKV management for the Czechoslovak state according to z.č.2 / 1958.In 2014 we asked the KU to delete the arbiter - unsuccessfully. We did it to a lawyer with well-founded Documents from 1919. Reply, the same. The lawyer gave it to the prosecution and it coincided with the KU.Teraz I was looking for whom to contact and found your page. I hope you advise me, because I take it as my obligation to my ancestors, when I am now the owner of these parcels, to protect what they have with hard-earned money bought.Please advise, greet Pavlicko
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